Freesia Sword II

Freesia Sword II [Swords]
ATK: 281
Description: Melee +22% to Fire, Melee -22% to Water, ATK +12%, MaxHP +10%, Critical damage +10%, Magic counter chance
Complete: ATK +12% Critical damage +10% MaxHP +10% Melee to Fire +22% Melee to Water -22% Autoskill
Notes: Upgrade Freesia Sword by equiping it and using Freesia Bead. Freesia Bead can be bought from the Kijimu at the Xmas Event Venue for 60 Snow Tear Crystal

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Freesia Bead
Used for Upgrading Freesia Weapons. Must have Freesia Weapon equipped
Freesia Sword II [Swords]
None Lv - Lv
Mat 1: Freesia Sword x1
Mat 2: Freesia Bead x1


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