August 13, 2016

We finally implemented the website to store information for: Classes, Skills, NPC and Quests. The Class Pages and Skill Pages were reprogrammed to pull data from the database. There is a new section for Quests. In the near future, I plan to add a section for NPC as well.

The changes seem to be good for now. We will need to import more data into the database for Quests and NPCs. The search function has not been implemented to search for the new dataset: Classes, Skills, NPC, and Quests. It will be placed on the backlog for future implementation.

Again, your feedback are very important to us. Please keep them coming.

August 04, 2016
I finally finished implement the database schema to hold the NPC and Quest data. I also finished implementing the forms for allowing admins to add/update/delete npc and quests. I still need to work on some UI changes and to figure out where to add it into the website. Trying to keep this website clean and user friendly. Expect the NPC and Quest sections to show up soon!
July 28, 2016
I added a Zone for the Mermaid Event. There are three new zones added. Port Ichtes, Lieuter Sea, and Gairanze. I think I need to add a new type of item for Lotteries. There are many lotteries all over Iruna. There are also many mining locations all around Iruna. These need to be incorporated into this website. More work for for the backlogs :) Expect them soon!
July 13, 2016
Today, I added a section for blogs. I decided to make our guild public. Our guild is the Kijimu Party. I'll be documenting all of our activities here. I've also added a section for guild pictures and guild roster. I hope this section will be an interesting read for all.
June 17, 2016

Thank you for all your feedback! They are so helpful. I've been informed that some of the production recipes are inaccurate. Moreover, I don't not have any recipes for the new Alchemist Class! I already have a few volunteers who want to help me correct the data so I've been busying implementing an Admin interface.

This Admin interface will allow people to update Items, Monsters, Production Recipes, Blacksmith Recipes, and Towns. It will need to be heavily tested to ensure that the data do not get corrupted. I had to overhaul the entire database, so let's see how it goes!