September 13, 2017

We finally updated all Equipment and Crystas and AL Crystas stats! Many equipment were not displaying hidden stats in the Item Description. We now list all the hidden stats! We will update all Item Autoskill and Stat Modifier Skills soon!

August 30, 2017

We updated the Abilities Table with accurate stats.

We also added a Pet Skills Table to the Pets Section

June 27, 2017
New Raids have been added to Port Spargas! Now you can fight more bosses! The level 220 Raid has Metalbrow, Garel, Zimov and Thunder Dragon Blitz. The level 230 Raid has Energy Device, Rossam, Jabek, Simcraker and Azimov. And most importantly, they drop new Raid Box E. Click Here for more info.
April 30, 2017
We just added the Necromancer Class and Necromancer Skills. We'll be adding Necromancer Quest and Items in the near future. Cheers!
April 11, 2017

We added a filter option to the search results page. Now, when you are searching for a description, if there are too many items in the search results, you can narrow it down by item type. This helps when searching for item description, such as "hp", "atk", "matk", "light", "dark", "delay", or "autoskill"