About Us

⭐️Jeffrey is the owner of this website. He is also the chief designer and main programmer. Thanks to various resources available on the web: Official Iruna Website, Iruna Boards Forum, Iruna Proboards Forum, Iruna Weebly, and Iruna JP Wiki, he was able to create this wonderful website and make it available to players all over the world. In Iruna, he is a High Wizard and the Guild Master of the Kijimu Party.

Jeffer* is a software engineer. He helped to make the website more user friendly. He helped to engineer the website to be SEO friendly and helped to improve the site performance. Because of him, almost every item in Iruna is found on Google. In Iruna, he is an Enchanter. You can sometimes see him farming and creating crazy explosive fireworks with his autoskills.

Plagueis is a master level crafter in Iruna. He is Lv 170 in all productions. He recently joined our team and is helping us test our website. He is also helping us update our Items and Production Recipes. He helped inspired a bunch of ideas to make our website more useful. He helped us to create our Materials Calculator, which helps players calculate all the ingredients needed for making Items. It's an amazing tool for Crafters and Players.

Tootzy just recently joined our team. He is helping us update our items and production. Tootzy is a high wizard. He has been playing Iruna since 2014. He enjoys doing production and chatting with friends in Iruna.

ℵℓℜ☢ just recently joined our team. He has been playing Iruna for almost a year now and has two high level characters. He enjoys doing quests in Iruna and would like to share the quest info with everyone. Much of our quest data is lacking. ℵℓℜ☢ is helping us update quest data.