Lunite Village

Catalpa Bow [Bows]
Material 1: Bat Skin x30
Material 2: Big Beak x10
Material 3: Cockatrice Wing x40
Material 4: Glowing Feather x15
Price: 3,200
Lunite Village - See Map

Crescent Moon [Canes]
Material 1: Glowing Dust x10
Material 2: Harpy Feather x10
Material 3: Dragon Claw x40
Material 4: Broken Gold Rod x1
Price: 3,200
Lunite Village - See Map

Iron Hammer [Swords]
Material 1: Diamond x1
Material 2: Golem Shard x30
Material 3: Black Fur x20
Material 4: Lava Rock x20
Price: 3,200
Lunite Village - See Map

Katana [Swords]
Material 1: Jewel Steel x1
Material 2: Blazing Hellfire x1
Material 3: Jet Black Liquid x3
Price: 100,000
Lunite Village - See Map

Pao [Armor]
Material 1: White Feather x30
Material 2: Griffin Pelt x10
Material 3: Spirit Silk x20
Price: 130,000
Lunite Village - See Map

Quest: Collect the necessary materials so that the powers sealed away inside the Crescent Moon can be released. (Must have Crescent Moon equipped when talking to Elder)
Location: Lunite Village - Elder


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