Unhulled Rice of Dawn

Ninigi (Lv240)
Drop: Unhulled Rice of Dawn, Takamagahara Water Seed, Anti-Demon Mirror, ◇ Ninigi
Attr: Fire→Light
Weak: Water→Dark
Exp: 180000
The Eternity Maze [95] - See Map

Kukka Cape (Strengthened 1) [Additional]
Material 1: Kukka Cape x1
Material 2: Unhulled Rice of Dawn x5
Material 3: Smooth Cloth x15
Material 4: Angel Flannel x15
Price: 900,000
Varant City - See Map

Fruit Granola x1 [Strengthening]
Cooking Lv187 - Lv197
Mat 1: Orange x1
Mat 2: Apple x1
Mat 3: Milk x2
Mat 4: Unhulled Rice of Dawn x3
Success A: Fruit Granola x2
Success B: Fruit Granola x3

Clairvoyant Eye [Collectibles]
Alchemy Lv214 - Lv224
Mat 1: Prophets Evil Eye x1
Mat 2: Unhulled Rice of Dawn x1


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