Undine [Ores]
Named after the spirit of water

Lorelei (Lv270)
Drop: Mermaid Barrette, Undine, Mermaid Bow, ◇Lorelei
Exp: 220,000
HP: 3,000,000
The Eternity Maze Lv 101-150 [115] - See Map

Undine x1 [Ores]
Chasing Lv101
1: Blue Gem x3
2: Aquamarine x3
3: Raging Wave x1

Rock x1 [Ores]
Chasing Lv21
1: Blue Raw Stone x1
Success A: Blue Gem x1
Success B: Undine x1

Water Ring x1 [Special]
Chasing Lv50
1: Mythril Ring x1
2: Water Bead x2
3: Undine x1

Water Jewel x1 [Ores]
Alchemy Lv73
1: Undine x2
2: Pure Stone x1

◇Water Enhancer I x1 [Crystas]
Alchemy Lv143
1: Bead Fragment x1
2: Undine x1
3: Small Mage Ore x1

Water Goddess' Ring x1 [Special]
Chasing Lv183
1: Ring of Frost x1
2: Undine x1
3: Starlight Crystal x1


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