Soybean Paste

Soybean Paste [Recovery]
Description: To release a little frozen state and recovery poison the HP

Soybean Paste [Recovery]
Cooking Lv120 - Lv130
Mat 1: Rice x1
Mat 2: Salt x1
Mat 3: Soybean x1
Success A: Soybean Paste x2
Success B: Soybean Paste x3

Soybean Paste Soup x5 [Status]
Cooking Lv122 - Lv132
Mat 1: Tasty Mushroom x4
Mat 2: Tasty Water x1
Mat 3: Soybean Paste x1
Mat 4: Bean Curd x2

Scraper [Collectibles]
Chasing Lv123 - Lv133
Mat 1: Gold Pebble x3
Mat 2: Soybean Paste x1
Mat 3: Blazing Hellfire x1
Mat 4: Xeltysis Horn x1
Success A: Scraper x2
Success B: Scraper x3

Dotenabe [Strengthening]
Cooking Lv124 - Lv134
Mat 1: Revita Ale x3
Mat 2: Sugar x2
Mat 3: Soybean Paste x1
Mat 4: Bean Curd x5

Boar Stew [Strengthening]
Cooking Lv125 - Lv135
Mat 1: Boar Meat x2
Mat 2: Strange Fungus x10
Mat 3: Egg x3
Mat 4: Soybean Paste x3


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