Red Tengu III

Red Tengu III [Swords]
ATK: 260
Description: Evasion +14%, Critical damage +17%, ASPD -10%, Melee up based on STR, Small Melee pierce up by Lv
Complete: Evasion +14% Critical damage +17% ASPD -10% [Melee up by STR] [X = 0.03 * Lv] [Melee Pierce up by X] ATK +7% Autoskill
Notes: ATK = Red Tengu II +70?

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Red Tengu III [Swords]
Material 1: Red Tengu II x1
Material 2: Gem Gauntlet x1
Material 3: High Mythril x2
Material 4: Fallen Angel Nail x4
Price: 400,000
Capital City Eldan - See Map

Red Tengu IV [Swords]
Material 1: Red Tengu III x1
Material 2: Fire Bird Crest x1
Material 3: Little Dragon's Horn x3
Material 4: Thick Fang x5
Price: 1,500,000
Town of Varanto - See Map


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