Lamia [Swords]
ATK: 165
Description: Magic R +5% MaxMP -30%, HP absorb chance, Dark element
Complete: Melee to Light +20% Magic R +5% MaxMP -30% Autoskill
Notes: Absorb about 10% to 30% of given damage

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Kaise Pilz (Lv200)
Drop: , Raid Box C, Lamia, ◇ Kaise Pilz
Lv200 The Threats to Elban - See Map

Kaise Pilz (Lv168)
Drop: Medicinal Morel, Orichalcum, Lamia, ◇ Kaise Pilz
Attr: Water
Weak: Wind
Exp: 51000
Morthell Swell [Boss] - See Map

Lamia II [Swords]
Material 1: Lamia x1
Material 2: Divine Vestige x1
Material 3: Deep Purple Shell x15
Material 4: Dark Bead x30
Price: 400,000
Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward - See Map

Lamia [Swords]
Smithing Lv73 - Lv83
Mat 1: Lamia x1

Lamia [Swords]
Smithing Lv73 - Lv83
Mat 1: Lamia x1

Merrow [Swords]
Smithing Lv98 - Lv108
Mat 1: Lamia x1
Mat 2: Orichalcum x1
Mat 3: Silver Scale x10
Mat 4: Pretty Scales x5


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