Icebrand Rime+

Icebrand Rime+ [Swords] 📷
ATK: 200
Magic R +10%, Accuracy+40 Magic attack chance by attack Ice element
Melee to Fire +20% Melee to Water +10% Magic R +10% Accuracy +40 Autoskill
Notes: ATK = Icebrand Rime +40

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Icebrand Rime+ [Swords]
1: Icebrand Rime x1
2: Water Bead x30
3: Dragon Orb x1
4: Lion Mane x2
Pilaneza City

True Icebrand Rime [Swords]
1: Icebrand Rime+ x1
2: Perennial Ice x10
3: Dragon Crystal x1
4: Snow Woman's Tear x3


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