Hecaton Bow+

Hecaton Bow+ [Bows] 📷
ATK: 170 DEF: 5
MaxHP+1000 Additional attack chance Earth element
Melee to Wind +20% Melee to Earth -20% MaxHP +1000 Autoskill [Melee up by DEX]
Notes: ATK = Hecaton Bow +20

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Earthshaker Briareus [Bows]
1: Hecaton Bow+ x1
2: Endless Quake x10
3: Solid Rockshard x15
4: Fertile Soil x3

Hecaton Bow+ [Bows]
1: Hecaton Bow x1
2: High Ent Splinter x15
3: Tungsten x1
4: Patterned Shell x30
Drafbourg: Dragonewt Ward


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