Gerifalte II

Gerifalte II [Bows] 📷
ATK: 278
Special bow, Melee+25% to Neutral Melee up by Lv, Small ATK up by AGI HP recovery using MP
Melee to Neutral +25% [Melee up by Lv] [X = AGI] [Y = 0.60 * X] [ATK up by Y] Autoskill [Sniper] Melee Pierce +15%
Notes: ATK = Getifalte +20? The ATK per ATK increased = AGI1 + 0.6

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Gerifalte II [Bows]
1: Gerifalte x1
2: Flame of Revenge x15
3: Fire Dragon Jewel x1
4: Eerie Liquid x5


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