Air Slicer II

Air Slicer II [Throwing] 📷
ATK: 174 DEF: 3
Melee+50, Skill delay -0.2sec Critical rate +30 Wind element
Melee to Water +20% Melee to Wind -20% Critical rate +30 Skill Delay -0.2s Melee +50
Notes: ATK = Air Slicer +5/+10 DEF = Air Slicer +3

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Air Slicer II [Throwing]
1: Air Slicer x1
2: Verdure Augite x2
3: Glowing Flower x4
4: Big Dragon Claw x20
Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward

Air Slicer III [Throwing]
1: Air Slicer II x1
2: Knight Rapier x1
3: Floating Stone Fragment x3
4: Larimar x5
Ioleu Village


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