Cracked Amethyst

Angenger (Lv390)
Drop: Cracked Amethyst, Old Water Fragment, Amethyst Knowledge, Angel the Shisui Sword
Attr: Water
Weak: Wind
Exp: 540,000
Corridor of Wisdom [Boss] - See Map

Dim Sword VI [Swords]
1: Dim Sword V x1
2: Dark Alloy x10
3: Source of Bravery x5
4: Cracked Amethyst x10
Anniversary Event

Doggy Ears (Strengthened 3) [Additional]
1: Doggy Ears (Strengthened 2) x1
2: Cracked Amethyst x10
3: Stora Cave x1
4: Iolite x5
Rokoko City

Epaulettes (Strengthened 3) [Additional]
1: Epaulettes (Strengthened 2) x1
2: Cracked Amethyst x5
3: ◇Boss Mimic x1
4: Smooth Cloth x5
Rokoko City

Fruru Revel [Canes]
1: White Petal x20
2: Burgeon x80
3: Cracked Amethyst x5
Oltoga Village

Gewitter (Strengthened 2) [Additional]
1: Gewitter (Strengthened 1) x1
2: Cracked Amethyst x5
3: Unhulled Rice of Dawn x5
4: Digestive Juice x15
Port Spargas

Spell Book Vol.5 [Canes]
1: Spell Book Vol.4 x1
2: Silver Reijin x2
3: Stencil x99
4: Cracked Amethyst x30
Rokoko City

Fine Bowl x1 [Collectibles]
Carpentry Lv251
1: Round Wood x1
2: Cracked Amethyst x1
3: Good Glass x1
Success A: Fine Bowl x2
Success B: Fine Bowl x3


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