Sinbad II

Sinbad II [Swords] 📷
ATK: 144
AGI+12, No damage to Wind Evasion rate up chance by attack Wind element, Magic Sword
Melee to Water +20% Melee to Wind -120% AGI +12 Critical rate +10 Autoskill
Notes: ATK = Sinbad +10/+13? 

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Sinbad II [Swords]
1: Sinbad x1
2: Liath Fail x5
3: Orichalcum x20
4: Wind Bead x10
Capital City Elban

Sinbad III [Swords]
1: Sinbad II x1
2: Patterned Blade x16
3: Wind Bead x32
4: Green Afterglow x2
Pilaneza City


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