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July 14, 2016

Rokoko is the place where adventurers gather. It is filled with warriors and wizards and merchants. Many people haul loots from far away. On holidays, Rokoko is always decorated lavishly. Most importantly, Rokoko is a great place to meet adventurers. It's also a great place to sell your loots. And to the unfortunate few, it is a place where people get scammed. Be careful when finishing a transaction that seems too good to be true.

July 10, 2016

Our Gladiator Fraternity has been growing stronger. Icarus77 is the master-at-arms. He grew up in the Forgotten Caves crushing Skeletons and Cubics. There was nothing that could stop him. As he got stronger, he looked for bigger adventures. He climbed the three palaces and defeated Raton singlehandedly. He climbed the divine towers and defeated the almighty Almas.

As his legend grew, young gladiators began to seek him out. They craved his power as his reputation grew. One of his many feats was forging the most destructive weapon known to man. It was forged from Theru's Knight Thorn Helmet. It was called the Kloff Pillar, and with it, he deforested the entire countryside of Sateria. To this day, Sateria remained charred and barren, scarred from the destruction caused by Icarus77.

July 09, 2016

The Rokoko Mining Village is a great place to mine for ores. Hematite, Copper and Rocks can be mined from the lower levels. There is a Merchant there that sells all the pickaxes you will ever need. They also sell production tools that you can use to refine your ores. Mining can be a great source of income. A stack of hematite can easily fetch 100k in Rokoko. Hematites are useful because they can be used to refine equipment up to +5. They can also be smelted down to produce Iron which is used to make Equipment.

Goblins are all over the mines. When you kill enough goblins, sometimes you can find Leather Armor and Claymore. You could make a living farming equipment from goblins.